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Psychedelic cannabis


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The term "psychedelic cannabis" has been around for many years, but it gained popularity among users after an article was published in Las Provincias on February 16, 2011. The author, Agustín Durán, a psychologist at the Valencia Municipal Drug Addiction Plan, assured that growers fertilized their cannabis plants with hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD to increase THC levels by up to 200%.

Where did psychedelic cannabis come from?
The truth is that Duran proved to have little knowledge of cannabis, as spraying LSD on marijuana plants didn't give the weed hallucinogenic effects, as the plants didn't even absorb it. Another way to create a psychedelic weed, according to Duran, was to cut the stem and inject LSD so that the plant would absorb it and acquire its effects. Obviously not.

However, this article caused a stir, and many users began to say all over the net that they had experienced the effect of mushrooms on certain strains. This started a controversy that has continued ever since.

Effects and reality
It is not uncommon to hear legends and myths about trippy experiences that some users say they went through, as is the case with psychedelic cannabis. First of all, let's have our say; the effects of cannabis are so subjective that no one can really confirm or deny whether the smoker experienced certain sensations; therefore such tales fall into the section of legends, since they cannot be proved.

Because of the previously mentioned evidence, some skeptical consumers have decided to find out how psychedelic cannabis seeds work.

Expert opinion

Cannabis experts have concluded that these hallucinogenic effects are no greater than strains with high levels of THC. The evolution of cannabis hybridization has resulted in the highest levels of THC in history. The psychoactive effects of cannabis are now higher than ever.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some users have experienced hallucinogenic effects when smoking certain varieties of cannabis, which has likely led to the legend that has been around for some time.

The best strains of psychedelic strains
Cannabis variety Gagarin Auto

Auto Gagarin is a typical hybrid strain with unknown THC levels. Auto Gagarin is an abbreviation where the plant is 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent Indica. Growing Auto Gagarin will result in a medium height marijuana plant and a small yield. Growing these Gagarin seeds is not difficult, you keep an eye on this plant to see if it will grow, it takes 68 days to fully bloom which is an average.

Marijuana Bruce Banner

The Bruce Banner strain is an uncompromising piece of green power hidden behind a veil of resinous leaves, gleaming trichomes and a scent that can be smelled from miles away.

Given these characteristics, Bruce Banner's weed looks like a typical high-end variety, sort of like how Mark Ruffalo looks like a regular dude in The Avengers. But once you ruffle Banner's feathers, he'll get angry, and you don't want him to get angry.
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