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Launch of USDB stablecoin, the launch of which is decentralized.


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Stabolut announced the launch of beta testing of a new decentralized stablecoin USDB, pegged 1:1 to the US dollar and backed by bitcoin (BTC). The project was launched in the form of an experiment with a new decentralized cryptoUSDB. It is pegged 1:1 to the US dollar and backed by bitcoin (BTC).

In development since May 2022, the project has been in development since May 2022: its creators claim to use a unique approach to preserving the value of an asset through perpetual reverse perpetual swap.

USDB creators want to create a bankless system, as they are aiming for a bankless

The concept of a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin is not new: Arthur Hayes, co-founder and founder of the BitMEX exchange has previously discussed NakaDollar (NUSD), which will help eliminate the dependence of crypto market on other stablecoins, has also expressed his views on NakaDollar (NUSD), that will help eliminate the need to depend on traditionally stablecoins. USDB developers seem to be inspired by the same concept. The USDB developers are being inspired by the same idea. Stablecoin will not depend on the traditional banking system and will protect itself from regulatory repression. Stabolut claims that the project is supported by the founders of Dextools.io, who are also creating Dextools.io.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Julian Beltran, who is the head of Stabolut's company, commented on his take on the market with GlobeNewswire: "The world has been in an unprecedented state of change. The:

Now we are seeing clear demand from users for reliable stablecoins, in particular after the decoupling of USDC from the US dollar. This is not only due to the collapse of UST and recent panic caused by USDC decoupling from $ US Dollar. The USDB will help create a new era of transparent, confidential and low-cost, faster exchange around the world.

Although it is very ambitious, at the moment the project has only 10 followers on Twitter. The details about the USDB development team and the audits they went through also remain a mystery. Details about them and the audits that they went through are still unknown. In fact, BeInCrypto has reached out to Dextools.io and Stabolut for comment, but at the time of publication, it did not receive any response from them.
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