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In a hotel room, bloody murder happened in a hotel room. China tourists found dead in Bali. A Chinese tourist was found dead in Bali.


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A disturbing call from the tourist was received by an employee at the InterContinental luxury hotel in Jimbaran, three months ago. It became clear that the guest reported "screaming, pleas for help from the next room" and loud noises of people in his room. The manager went to the door of room 4223. He was ready and even took a wheelchair with him to help the injured.

However, the wheelchair was not useful. The corpse of the man in a pool of blood was found in the room, whose mouth had been cut. He came to find it in his room. The naked body of a young Chinese woman with beatings was found in the bathroom, after examining the room, he found in the bathroom his own body. When the manager called the police, he immediately called the police.

Chinese couple who arrived in Bali on April 27, 2023, Li Jiming and Cheng Jian'an were killed. The dead are a Chinese couple who arrived in Bali on April 27, 2023, Li Jiming and Cheng Jian'an. In order to stay on the island, it was planned to stay until the second of May, but just before leaving, tragedy struck.

In the investigation into the double homicide, the police said that there was an investigation in three weeks, and at a recent press conference, the police said that there had been so-called "murder-suicide". The couple had an argument, and as a result, Lee beat his girl's girlfriend. After that, he tied her up and drowned in the bathtub with himself. When the man committed his suicide, he cut his throat with a beer-bottle and inflicted wounds on himself with a burnt beer bottle. At the crime scene, no traces of third-party DNA were found at the crime scene, which virtually rules out third-party intervention.

In fact, according to the police, one of the witnesses, employees of the hotel, on April 30, noticed that Lee's hands were broken and he was wrapping them in an towel. The Chinese tourist responded to the question about what happened, saying that he had quarreled with his girlfriend. At the murder scene, police also found five bottles of beer and 5 bottles of beer.

Police continue to investigate and try out the reasons for this tragic quarrel.

In the Chinese media, however, the public in the Chinese media is not convinced that the police have come to the right conclusions. A number of readers have questions about Lee's body, which is covered in multiple wounds, indicating that he may have resisted. A new wave of speculation on Chinese social media about the truth in deaths of people from China was sparked.

Yes, unfortunately, even on the paradise sunny island there are dark days, so in fact one of the cafes in Kuta was shot dead by an employee who had drunken quarrels with an Australian client.

An investigation of a criminal case on the murder allegedly committed by two Indian nationals is also underway. In the police reports, the quarrel, which led to a bloody showdown, arose due to disputes in the game of gambling. The airport detained foreigners who were trying to leave the country at the airport.

Don't abuse alcohol, don't quarrel with friends and colleagues. Gamble less (especially since it is prohibited here) and let nothing overshadow your stay on the Island of God.
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