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On the website, a fine for overstay was found for tourists who extend an e211A visa on the website.


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Nils Hey, an American tourist from Australia, warned other people that a simple error in renewing his e211A visa cost him $2,000. As he said in a Facebook group, the man who was on his way to Bali had just returned home from an unexpected trip after falling into bad circumstances at airports.

For 60 days, he applied for an E211A tourist visa online for 60 days before going to Bali. From this point on, the man decided to continue his vacation on the island by extending its visa on his own through the Molina website, who cooperates with an official of the immigration office. According to Facebook, the site issued an extension that cost 500,000 IDR. As he describes on Facebook, the site issued an extension that cost 500 000 IDR. Indicated that his visa was extended for 30 days, but there were no final announcements of the extension. He and his wife arrived at the airport for their flight home, detained by immigration officials who said that its visa had expired. It did not help a tourist show all the screenshots about the extension, but it did not help.

After this, workers searched the computer for information long time. This extension was issued for another B213 visa, that in turn was not active, so the extension did not match the original visa. Visitor tourist visa can be extended only with the participation of a sponsor in the agency, and one issued on the Molina website is not extended yet.

There was no sign on his screenshots indicating the B213 visa, but Nils Hey heard about the B213 visa for the first time, there is not one single mark that showed it. Airport employees said that they were not able to help and advised me to contact the Immigration Service in Nusa Dua. An hour before departure is the time for this.

For 10 days overdue, the man had to pay a fine at the rate of 1,000,000 per person in one day, for two people it was $2,000.

In the emotional state, his wife said that the workers of the migration service frightened the travelers, talked in a raised tone, and then detained to pay for the fine. Then it was forbidden to enter Bali after payment of the fine. The fine was paid in cash, which surprised them, since this is not accepted in Australia, but they issued receipts for payment.

Before the incident, this man posted on Facebook his experience of renewing his visa on his own without a visa company. The "click" button on the site and you're done. On the basis of his comments, other people followed his actions.

For this reason, we want to warn all visitors not try to experiment with the law of an other country and even in connection with visa issues, as this is fraught with money or trouble. But, registration on a specialized website is more convenient, but so far the system is not well-established in this direction, even with regard to visa extension. Contact trusted Visa Agencies such as LegalIndonesia, who have been working in this area for a long time.

The Directorate General of Immigration in Indonesia, according to the Directorate General for Immigration of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights in Indonesia, if you want to stay in the country more than the visitor visa is required, you must be able to apply for an extension of residence at the immigration office. However, if you overstay your visa, you will have to pay a fine of 1 million IDR (about $100) or deported with a ban on entering Indonesia for a period of time.
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