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Culture of Cannabis culture in India.


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It is not unusual to see that the use of marijuana in India has a long and complicated history, has many legends and belongs to the culture Hinduism. Science scientists found an original reminder of this plant in the Vedas, it is sacred Hindu text. In this scripture, hemp is a sacred plant and the angel of the protection lives in its leaves. In fact, it was called the best source for achieving happiness and liberation, but according to legend, the gods gave it as a mercy of people in order to overcome fears. It was also considered by some that this is one of them.

Cannabis God Shiva is the name of an animal that was associated with God Shiva, who came into the field, quarreled with friends, and fell in sleep under one of the strange leafy plant. I tasted it after a dream, purely out of curiosity. A renewal came to him, he voted the cannabis as his favorite food and began to bear the name Lord Bhang.

During the Middle Ages, bhang was often drunk by soldiers before battle to give them strength and agility. According to the legend, in the battle under the leadership of Gobin Singh, the soldiers were already on the verge of collapse due to fear of death. During the war, elephants were attacked by an enemy with menacing wounds in them. But as soon as the command drugged his men and gave them bhang to fight the elephants on its own body then he was glad that it was possible for them not harm your health, so this is how they won.

The hemp has been used in the history of India since extremely ancient times, most often as a drink. It is added to milk with spices and nut, some people use yogurt instead of milk. Some people prefer yogurt instead of Milk. At the same time, another option is to eat pure bhang balls.

Other cannabis prepares.

It is ganja and charas. The effect of Ganja is stronger than Bhanga as it is made from the flowers or leaves of an adult plant. It is made from the flowers or leaves of this plant. Charas, in turn, has a much stronger strength and is completely composed of flowers. In groups of 2.5-2-5 people, they are smoked through a special hookah.

Cannabis smoking is an attempt to be banned.

At the time of one point, British and Indian scientists were conducting research throughout India, as hemp began to be used very widely. In this way at one point, British and Indian scientists were conducting research throughout India, as hemp became popular in India. All attempts to impose a ban were in vain. But all trying to impose a ban were in vain. It turned out that this is an unshakable tradition and in India, it is a very ancient and unshakable tradition. The use of cannabis is completely harmless if you know the measure of use. The remains of this study is relevant to the present day.

Since the end of the century, there has been little change, with workers still smoking marijuana to relieve fatigue, and religious Indians performing ceremonies using hashish. You can buy cannabis in special tents that are licensed to sell, and you can even buy it with no obstacles.

Cannabis in India has such a long and uninterrupted history that its importance will not diminish for many centuries to come.
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