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Managa (hemp milk, managua, thrush, ryaga) is milk in which hemp has been boiled for some time. Of course, in the process itself there are certain subtleties and nuances, without knowing which it will not be possible to achieve a positive result.

And if pure THC, which is consumed through a vaporizer, is now gaining popularity in the USA and Europe, in our realities it often comes down to finding cheap, or even better, free raw materials containing THC. And while European scientists are creating yeast fungi that produce THC in its purest form, we are looking for a wild game plantation, albeit of low quality, and trying to find out how to brew managa correctly.

But this is exactly what happens most often when a person, having found abundant bushes of wild-growing hemp, wants to get the maximum benefit from the plant, given that smoking such stuff is, frankly, useless. Why? The simplest and shortest answer is not rushing.
Cooking method number 1
The optimal amount of milk is 2 liters (for a 5 liter pot), try to have only the upper leaves, you can also use the middle of the bush if the tops are not enough, but it is better to discard the lower part (it contains much less THC). If you are very limited in the amount of raw materials - there is nothing to do, use the lower leaves as well.

Ideally, there should be a lot of wild animals. This is the main rule. That is - really a lot, so that you get not milk in which the leaves will float, but just the opposite - a continuous lump of leaves with signs of milk.

At the same time, no matter what part of the bush you use, the knots need to be removed, since they give bitterness and density (then it is more difficult to squeeze out), and the substances we need (THC, CBD) are not in these knots.

Grass should be added gradually, to already boiled milk, it takes about 15 - 20 minutes, since each portion you add gradually boils down and loses its volume, making it possible to add a new one. It's good to have a potato crusher that you can use to crush the leaves at the end of loading and boiling down each serving - this way you can add more hemp. In the process of adding leaves, milk should be stirred.

Boil the resulting substance, after adding the last portion of the leaves, it takes 1-1.5 hours, be sure to over low heat. Make sure that the milk does not run away - this is important. Hemp milk, or rather the mass, will burn, but it's hard to do anything about it, as it's too thick to stir. Just cook on low heat.

The finished product does not look like a drop of milk; to get thrush directly, you need gauze folded in half. Wait until the managa cools down a bit and start spinning. There may be difficulties here.

Sometimes the managa can be so thick that it cannot be completely squeezed out with gauze. In this case, a colander will help you, but not a mesh one, but an aluminum one, in the form of a hemisphere, and a fist wrapped in oilcloth. Place a colander on the pan, pour your milk into it and crush it with your fist.

An approximate proportion is 0.8-1 kg of grass per 1 liter of milk (we start from raw, subsequently dried - the weight and volume will decrease, but it should be so). You can also cook raw herb without drying and decarboxylation, but in this case the effect is likely to be less, and you will need to load about 0.5 kilo per liter. It is difficult to say for sure here, since there is a dependence on the fat content of milk, the presence of oil in it, and also on the grass itself. Here it is necessary to follow the rule - at the end of loading, a layer of milk a centimeter and a half should remain on top of the pan.
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