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Marijuana shelf life.


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Medical cannabis producers are putting in a lot of effort to keep the results of their labor as long as possible. As long as you can extend the shelf life of any herbal product, it is important to create optimal storage conditions. Cannabis and Marijuana are no exception. Along with this, cannabis will retain its original properties for a long time if kept in an dark place, away from direct sunlight. The producers said that they can keep it in a dark, cool place and away from direct sunlight. Some other key points to keep in mind.

Temperature ideal. Ideal temperature.
Mold, fungus and other microorganisms that spoil marijuana actively develop at a temperature of 25-30° C. In addition, heat can dry out plant material, rapidly dissolving cannabinoids and terpenes (the active components in the composition of Marijuana). Heat helps to reduce the volume of liquid materials from burning up after 30-35 ° C. The quality of ganja is also affected by the evaporation of essential oils: it will be caustic and unpleasant.

One of the main rules for storage marijuana: temperature should not exceed 25° C. But putting it in cold environment is also not recommended, since. Cold slows down the process of decarboxylation (during which THC is transformed from an acidic form to a final one). The cold, in addition, slows down the process of decarboxylation (during which THC is transformed from an acidic form to. As a result of such conditions, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid breaks down over time and forms cannabinol, which is not psychoactive (and, therefore less desirable).

An important factor in the choice of humidity is humidity.
The humidity control is important. Humidity control is paramount. At the optimum storage temperature, even at the optimal storage temperature, humidity of an environment can lead to the active growth of fungus and mold, which will hopelessly ruin marijuana. A controlled environment with sufficient but not excessive air humidity is a difficult task. However, if it is resolved and the water content of 59-63% is achieved, the original texture, aroma color and taste of ganja can be preserved.

In case of air humidity that is below 65 percent, it will reduce the risk for mold to an absolute minimum. However, if there is too little moisture, the plant material will evaporate and the brittle trichomes are made of oils that contain essential oils.

OPTIMAL LIGHTING. Optimal lighting is recommended.
The main enemy of long-term storage is ultraviolet rays. Synthetic materials, even organic ones, are kept away from direct sunlight, but only organic ones. Cannabis also loses its properties under the influence of UV rays. Just as the lawn turns yellow at the end of a sunny summer or the paint on a car fades, it also loses its properties under the influence of UV rays. The scientists of the University of London, in 1970s conducted an experiment on ultraviolet light, and this was attributed to its main role in the degradation of cannabinoids. According to this, the optimal light of an apartment in which the ganja is stored is the absence of lighting, especially natural.

It turned out that, with proper storage, cannabinoids remain stable and retain the properties for two years. In the end, marijuana remains safe and effective in use: due to terpenes and essential oils it contains, which last longer.

Air control. Air control. Air.
The oxygen needed by hemp grows and matures, as well as the needs of oxygen. When it comes to marijuana storage, the air in the container should be limited. It will need to be enough air to keep the grass fresh and retain its original properties. Because of the absence of air in the storage container, it can lead to an increase in temperature, even if the plant material has not been sufficiently dried. When such cases, it is recommended to periodically open and ventilate the container so that there is no moisture in the interior of the container.

And if there is too much oxygen, cannabinoids degrade faster. When sealed containers are used, the risk of oxidation can be reduced by use special equipment with a pump.

Expert recommended! Experts recommend!
As the factors affecting the safety of marijuana, industry experts have formulated several fundamental rules:
Store ganja in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Then store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
The use of containers made from materials that cannot hold the static charge (such as glass jars) is used.
A hygrometer or other equipment can measure and control air humidity.

In order to minimize the exposure to oxygen, use airtight jars and containers.
In order to preserve the individual taste characteristics of the product, you need to store marijuana from different varieties separately.
Get the latest market news. Keep track of market news. A period of rapid growth in the cannabis industry is experiencing, and companies that are dealing with marijuana regularly release new products that make it easier to store marijuana.

Not recommended: Here's what is not recommended.

A store of ganja is available in the refrigerator. Changes in temperature and air humidity only increase the risk of mold and mildew.
In the freezer, store in the freezer. Store in. Very negative effect on the composition is Freezing.
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