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Experts told where to put the smartphone so that it does not heat up while charging


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Some places are not at all suitable for recharging your gadget.

It seems to you that you know exactly how and where to properly charge your phone. But some places are not at all suitable for recharging your gadget. Experts urge never to put it upside down on a sofa, bed or any soft surface.

When charging, the battery of the smartphone receives an additional load and heats up. You can make your phone worse if you put it on a bed or sofa. But the load on the battery will increase significantly.

How to properly charge your smartphone
Do not charge your phone in direct sunlight. Try to turn off the Internet and close background processes to avoid additional load.

When storing a smartphone for a long time, it is better to charge the battery by 50-80%. This is in the case when the phone just lies at home, is not used often.

You should check that there are no problems with the electrical wiring in your house. There should be no power surges and failures, otherwise the gadget may have problems.
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