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Ledger CTO talks about key recovery feature


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The world-famous hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger recently faced a wave of criticism after implementing a restore feature. This is a paid service that allows users to back up keys and regenerate the seed phrase.

Due to the massive concerns of users about this functionality, the manufacturer has so far postponed the launch of the presented service. Last week, Ledger CTO Charles Guillemet announced on his personal Twitter page that the manufacturer is stepping up work towards ensuring the maximum security of its wallets. The expert noted: "The mission of Ledger is to provide our consumers with the right ones to securely own digital assets."

In turn, Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier also commented on the current situation. The expert noted that the Recovery function will be launched as soon as the company can give public access to the source code that underlies the recovery system. The specialist also noted that this service is provided optionally and, if desired, it can not be connected.

Pascal Gauthier said that through the Recovery function, Ledger wants to attract another 100 million users to the crypto sector. However, to achieve this ambitious goal, user access to self-custody of assets must be simplified as much as possible, Gaultier emphasized.
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