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The myth about the dangers of late dinner has been disproved by scientists.


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The myth that late dinner is unhealthy has been disproved by scientists. New research by scientists from King's College London has been report on DailyMail news portal.

According to the researchers, late eating has negative consequences: for example, weight gain, insomnia, accelerated aging and other complications. It turned out that this is not true.

At 21:30 you can finish the dinner. A late breakfast, ideally at 11:30 is the main thing. It is important to withstand the 14-hour fasting period, which in many studies has been proven beneficial for metabolism. ”Scientists said.

Specialists have analyzed 80 000 Britons' data, as part of the work. It was found that the data contained information about the eating habits, meal times and health of the volunteers. The scientists also had data on the well-being of people, which they assessed on their own. This information was obtained by themselves.

For example, participants reported that they had more energy when they ate dinner late and followed a fasting period of 14 hours. The results were noted by participants who said that they had more energy when they ate dinner late and after this, they have more. The scientists did not find a link between late eating and different health problems.

I think that microbes in our gut, just like us have circadian rhythms and need to break off after the meal. In general, people often eat late because of work and kids, but they shouldn't feel guilty about it. Not to snack at night, try not to have breakfast early and stay up for two hours after dinner. Researchers note. “Then everything will be fine with health”, the researchers told.
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