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In London, thousands of people march to decriminalize abortion.


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The thousands of Londoners marched to decriminalize abortion. A group of participants demanded the release of Carla Foster, a mother of many children, who was sentenced to 14 months in jail for an abortion after 30 weeks. The court sentenced herself to 15 years and 12 month from his parents' custody for an abortion after 30 weeks of pregnancy with two children.

In London on Saturday, June 17, thousands of people participated in a protest march demanding the decriminalization and legalization of abortion. Carla Foster, a 44-year-old mother of three convicted of abortion, was called for the release. The posters of the protesters were written "Abortion is health care" and "Police surveillance of our bodies is real crime."

Foster took the drugs for medical abortion at 32-34 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, while in the British abortion law of 1861 (as amended in 1967 and 1991), only allowed abortion up to the 24th week. The British abortion law of 1861 (as amended in 1967 and 1991) only allows abortion up to the 24th week. The woman was found guilty of a "crime against the person" and sentenced to 28 months: 14 in prison and the same period of probation. Along with the 14 months of serving her sentences, Foster will have to comply with some conditions for another 14 months, otherwise she can be returned to jail.

The UK Labor MP Stella Creasy backed the protest, calling the current abortion laws outdated. In the following we see how the mother of three children, in addition to one with special education needs, was sent to prison. Whose interest is this? "In whose interest is this?" She asked, she asks. Creatiy said that in the past 10 years, 67 cases have been brought on women under an anti-1861 law.
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