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Near Kherson, the water level in Dnieper continues to fall.


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Russian troops continue to try to keep the captured territories of the neighboring country under control on the 480th day of Russia's full-scale invading. In Ukraine, the armed forces and units of territorial protection resist aggression. As it is, it is impossible to verify the statements of both sides from independent source. The UN reported that more than 16 million Ukrainians have already left their homes. During the day, DW continues to monitor developments on Sunday, June 18 (Moscow time).

The governor of the region Roman Starovoit announced that the village of Glushkovo in the Kursk region again came under fire from Ukraine, said the governor of the region. Residents of the market area were injured by shrapnel wounds, several houses and shops in the market area were damaged. The governor added that two people with shrapnel wounds were transferred to Central Regional Hospital for treatment.

According to the Ukrainian Ombudsman for the Rights of Children, Family, Youth and Sports, there are 240 case-related cases in which social services of European countries took away children from families of Ukrainian refugees. The Ombudsman, Irina Suslova spoke about this in an interview with Radio "Liberty". In Ukraine, a mother was forced to stay at work and sent her grandmother with her child in the hospital. For example, "a mother was forced to stay at work, and sent her grandmother with her child to the evacuation." The Ombudsman explained that the grandmother has no power of attorney to represent the interests and is not considered a relative of this child under European law.

Suslova explained that the Kyiv capital is not sufficiently informing the residents of Ukraine about the peculiarities of the legislation of the EU member states. Working with international organizations to resolve this issue is the Ombudsman's team.

Russian troops fired at the Sumy region's Border Area, as it was said on Telegram channel by an official from Russia. The administration of this region reported that in the Sumy region, the military administration of its area reported on the Telegram channel. As a result of artillery shelling in Belopolye, two civilians were killed - a father and son. Yuriy Zarko confirmed the information provided by the mayor of the city, Yuriy Zarko to the publication "Suspilne".

The Daily Mail tabloid reported that Roman Abramovich is not going to hand over £2.3 billion (€2.68bn) he made from the sale of Chelsea football club over a year ago to Ukraine, citing British Foreign Office sources. The publication reported that Abramovich wants to give the Russians, who also suffered from the war, a large part of the funds will be allocated for them. As noted, neither the UK government nor Europe's Commission will agree to this in the event of sanctions on Russia.

Water level in Dnieper continues to fall.
The State Emergency Service of Ukraine (GSChS) reported that the water level in the Dnieper River near Kherson has decreased by 11 centimeters since the beginning of the day. Approximately 15.00 (the time coincides with the date of Moscow), it is still at the level of 68 centimeters above the norm.
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