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Eliminate the smell of solvents


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To reduce solvent odor during and after cleaning and/or cooking, you can:
1. Hang wet towels around the apartment. This is an old and proven way. Wet fabrics absorb all sorts of odors very well.
2. Arrange water containers around the apartment. You can add mint leaves to the water. Water will absorb harmful vapors and unpleasant odors.
3. Light the aroma lamp using oil that smells pleasant to you. You can also use incense sticks or aroma candles. Also, some of the vapors will burn out, though remove them away from the solvent itself, as a person who has burned out once in this way, I recommend doing just that, otherwise you never know how to splash or drop the solvent right next to the candle.
4. You can use natural absorbents and flavors such as charcoal, lemon, activated charcoal, onion, coffee, essential oils, vanilla. Spread plates filled with them throughout the room and they will neutralize any odors.
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