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    You need to register to see contacts RC sellers and services.

What is the correct way to register a Telegram account?


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A lot of people have a question, is Telegram safe or not?

I will tell you later in my article that Telegram is not a safe Messenger, since this messenger actively collects any metadata about the user, what it is and what it eats with. But now the schedule has no time to do it all.

According to this article, I will give instructions on how to correctly register a Telegram account, what you need for security and the procedure that is needed to protect your account. Almost anyone knows that cellular networks are actively cooperating with the Federals in our realities, this is called Power Structures. In general, the matter does not change the essence of it.

In fact, there are a fairly large number of precedents for how operators issued an SMS code to enter telegram applications, to avoid this, you need to set a cloud password, not having the possibility recovering mail.

First we go to our Telegram account and then click Settings → Add Cloud Password, fill out the form. It is very important to set an strong password for your device.

In addition to this, it is also recommended to register a Telegram account on Google Voice, you can always buy yourself one account on buyaccs.com, it is better for such purposes to select the most costly account with maximum traffic so that it is not blocked.

Since Google Voice has lost your phone number, in order to solve this problem I suggest creating an virtual machine and logging in there under the Telegram account. If you lose it, you can always log into your account and activate your device through SMS code that will be sent to you by the bot on its active channel with his mobile application.

Whatever way to log in through a portable browser, it is not important that it performs its function. It will be logged into the system and if you lose your password then you can always get access to the code from an authorized application or web form at https://web.telegram-org/

I would not recommend changing the phone number of your cart to other one, since in fact you contacts who have been add by phone number will quickly see your move to new number and most likely there is no need to be alerted by such an event. It is possible that some people will be alerted by this series of events.

For this, you can also see the list of current sessions in your Telegram account. To do this, please go to Settings → Show All Sessions, after which you will see a list of active sessions.

I would highly recommend using one of these free, security-focused email services: For example, if you need to list the secure email addresses for your service, I would highly recommend this.
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